American Wood Turning’s roots go back to the mid-1980s when Gail Redman, well-known master wood turner, opened her business in San Francisco. With its many historic Victorian homes, and a growing interest in restoring them, San Francisco was the ideal location for Redman to apply her craft. By 1994 she was looking for another wood turner to help meet the increased demand for quality woodturnings. Enter Mukesh Prasad, who was working in Seattle and was referred to Redman through a mutual acquaintance. She was impressed with his work, and persuaded him to move to San Francisco and work with her. Thus began a very successful working relationship that continued until Redman retired in 2000 and put the business in Mukesh’s very capable hands.

Mukesh Prasad comes from a family of wood turners. He first learned the craft from his grandfather in Fiji when he was only 15. He came to the US in 1993, and settled in Seattle, which is where he was working when he was recruited by Redman. When he took over her business in 2000, he changed the name to American Wood Turning. Over the past 15 years he has expanded American Wood Turning to service the demand for distinctive, high-quality woodturnings all over the Bay Area, as well as out of state.


As described by one of his long-time customers, Mukesh is a “Master Artisan.”  “He is a dedicated and honest wood turning expert who understands the sensibilities of turned elements on Victorian Façades and interior details. His wood turnings are unique from commonly-made millworks in that his edges are crisp and sharp for both inside and outside corners. He also has a keen eye and understands good proportions. Old world craftsmanship like this doesn’t exist anymore and is a dying trade. Mukesh is one of the very best.” – Skeeter Jones, ClearHeart.org, Fine Design & Building

“I have worked with Mukesh and his business for many, many years and consider him a great craftsman who knows his trade well. He produces great products, is easy to get along with, and gets projects done in a timely manner.” – Richard Gatti, Furniture by Gatti